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SharePoint Groups for Schools

What are SharePoint Groups

A SharePoint group is a collection of SharePoint users and is typically dependent on the roles and the necessary permission levels required. Users can be allocated into any number of groups, depending on the size and complexity of the organisation. Typically, a SharePoint Administrator manages SharePoint groups at the site collection level.

By allocating users into SharePoint groups, it makes it much easier to combine users who use the SharePoint site in similar ways. Typically, certain users might need to be able to edit content, others to simply read content and others who might need to be able to add and edit content or other key elements of the site.

It is typical for organisations to create different strategies for managing access to different elements of their SharePoint site resources. In schools, there might be a special sub-site where more sensitive data is stored and this may only be accessible by teachers. Another sub-site may be accessible by students as read only, with teachers having full editable rights.SharePoint_Groups

Issue for Schools
The creation and maintenance of SharePoint groups is a manual process. This can restrict the adoption of SharePoint by schools, due to the time and effort required in maintaining the regular user updates.

Ruler Connect can automatically create and maintain SharePoint groups at staff, student, year group and class level, utilising the information already held in a school’s Capita SIMS system.

Schools can maximise the benefits of SharePoint, knowing that the security and user access issues are dealt with behind the scenes automatically.

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Office 365 Groups in Schools

What are Office 365 Groups
Office 365 Groups connect Users, Content and Conversations across Office 365, providing an integrated experience that links together file storage, calendar event management and email conversations.

  • Files – File storage for Office 365 Groups is accessed through OneDrive for Business, using a dedicated document library connected to the Group.
  • Calendar – Office 365 Groups help you to track all your group events in one place, visible to everyone in the group.
  • Conversations – Group conversations are stored in a single mailbox, separate from individual users’ mailboxes. You can easily start a new conversation with Group members or reply inline to a

Issue for Schools
The creation and maintenance of Office 365 Groups is a manual process, considerably restricting adoption by schools, especially at Class level, due to the significant volume and regularity of the required updates.

Ruler Connect can automatically create and maintain Office 365 Groups down to Class level, using the information already held in Capita SIMS.

Schools can utilise the powerful collaboration tools of Office 365 Groups, without worrying about the security and user access.

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