Ruler SDS

Free School Data Sync tool for Capita SIMS

Ruler SDS is the FREE version of Ruler Connect, the UK’s leading sync product for Office 365 and Capita SIMS.

Ruler SDS provides a school with the ability to automatically populate Microsoft’s School Data Sync from Capita SIMS.

The software can be downloaded and installed in minutes.

Optional enhanced paid modules can also be instantly made available at any stage, through the simple issue of a licence key.

School Data Sync

School Data Sync, “SDS”, automates the provisioning of school Management Information System (MIS) data with Office 365 education tools, including OneNote Class Notebooks and Microsoft Classroom.

School Data Sync provides a single cloud API to allow applications to integrate with multiple MIS providers, along with single sign-on “SSO” capabilities.

Application developers can also use the API to access school class information to create richer user experiences for students and teachers.

With School Data Sync and Office 365, administration elements can be significantly reduced, improving efficiency and accuracy.

SDS is secure, with data accessed over an encrypted connection, with the school determining which applications can access their data, ensuring compliance policies can always be met.

Product Brochure

Download our brochure: “Ruler transforms Office 365 into your new VLE”

More Information

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