• Ruler Parent

    Share information to improve engagement

Ruler Parent share information securely

Create a parent portal that gives parents the information they need to engage

Improve parent engagement with Ruler Parent

There’s loads of information that you want to share with parents. Forms to complete and documents relating to specific classes or year groups. You can ensure that sensitive information is only available to parents.

Ruler Parent uses the built in security of Microsoft Office 365 and creates a secure parent portal where you can share information with students and parent. When changes are happen access is updated automatically so that important information is not vulnerable

For schools using Capita SIMS, Ruler Parent enables information on attendance, achievement and behaviour to be shared with parents as well as the regular progress reports.

We have two editions of Ruler Parent. The standard edition automates the task of creating parents as users and gets the secure site up and ready for you to use. The plus edition goes further to pull information about student performance and deliver it to and App for iOS and Android

Standard Edition

  • MIS Parentlink

    Use parent detail to from your MIS to:

    • Produce accounts for parents
    • Produce usernames and passwords
    • Link to students
    • Keep up to date with changes
  • Sharepoint Portal

    Secure site for parents, students and staff

    Simple tools to post and update

    Flexible templates

    Document library

    Events Calendar

Ruler SharePoint Parent Portal

Plus Edition (for schools using Capita SIMS)

  • Student Specific Information




    Regular progress reports

  • iOS and Android App

    Simple to use

    Automatically links parents to students

    Control what data is shown

For customers using Ruler Classroom – outstanding homework will also be displayed in the App

Ruler Parent iOS and Android App

To learn more about the mobile App click below

These are just the highlights and we’re developing new features all the time

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