• Ruler Connect

    Making everything work together

To ensure user information is accurate and up to date you need to synchronise it with the information in your MIS. Ruler Connect is the configurable application that securely allows you to easily manage:

The standard functions in ruler connect

and much more

There are three versions of Ruler Connect depending on what you need to do.


Starting with the data in your MIS create and maintain:

  • Users

    • Office 365 Accounts
    • G Suite for Education Accounts
    • Active Directory Accounts
    • Granular Office 365 Licences
    • Disable Accounts for Leavers
  • Groups

    Email distribution lists

    • Staff
    • Students
    • Year groups
    • Subjects
    • Office 365 Groups
  • Timetables

    Push to Office 365 and Google Calendars

    • Student timetables
    • Staff timetables
    • School diaries
Ruler Connects links Office 365 AD and your MIS

Want to see a bit more of what
Ruler Connect can do for you?

We’ve put together a short video tour to
show how easy it is to set up and use


If you’re not using Office 365 yet

Ruler AD takes your MIS data to:

  • Create and update AD users
  • Assign users to AD Security groups
  • Disable accounts for leavers


For Capita SIMS users.

If you’re planning to use Microsoft’s Teams for Education

Ruler SDS produces the CSV files that you need to upload to create your Teams for Education class structures

Microsoft have been working on SDS for some time.

There is no doubt that there is plenty to understand.

If you’d like to learn more about SDS click below.

No matter which version of Ruler Connect you choose it will help you save time and money. It runs securely within your network and you can have confidence that student information is managed accurately with much lower chances of transcription errors. By updating information regularly you can be sure that changes have been accounted for and that access rights and licencing are always up to date.

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