• Ruler Classroom

    Make Office 365 your new VLE

    Ruler Classroom and Office 365 transform teaching and learning
Ruler Classroom tranforming teaching and learning with Office 365

Ruler Classroom transforms Office 365 into a powerful tool for teaching and learning

Turn Office 365 into your new VLE with Ruler Classroom

Office 365 has a growing set of tools for creativity, productivity and collaboration. Ruler Classroom provides the framework to turn Office 365 into your new VLE

Ruler Classroom comes in three editions to meet your requirements

  • Essentials Edition

    Create assignments and homework

    Distribute resources to student OneDrives

    View and provide feedback on work in progress

    Submit assignments for marking

    Return completed work to students

  • Standard Edition

    Everything in Essentials, plus

    File Manager

    • Create and distribute answer templates
    • Copy from your OneDrive to students
    • Create folders for specific resources
    • Upload to folders or notebooks

    OneNote Class Notebooks

    • Create a collaborative space for students
    • Share informal input and feedback
    • Give every student the chance to contribute


    • Attach a cover teacher to a class
    • Allow SLT oversight of assignments
    • Produce Activity and completion reports

    Mobile Access

    • iOS and Android access to outstanding work
    • Available for students and teachers
  • Plus Edition

    Everything in the Standard Edition, plus

    Parent visibility of homework

    • Using Office 365 security
    • Provided over iOS and Android Apps
    • Simple website access where required
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Our mobile App makes it easy for students, staff and parents
to keep up with the assignments and homework they have been set

These are just the highlights. We’re developing new features all the time.

The classroom is changing. The introduction of IT brought access to new information and new tools for learning.

Later developments offered ways of managing tasks and learning activities. Today the classroom can be anywhere in the world, accessed at anytime and with a huge range of devices.

Today we can bring together the work, the information required to complete it and the suite the work is delivered in – Office 365.

Linking to your MIS means that you know who’s a member of any class. You can set tasks for a class, a group of students even a single student. The information is secure so there is no chance of assignments being seen by the wrong people.

You can bring parents into the loop, allowing them to see those homework tasks that are not completed.

Ruler Classroom and Office 365 working together can deliver this transformation.

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