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Artificial Intelligence in the classroom?

There’s been quite a stir of interest this week around predictions made by Sir Anthony Seldon about the impact Artificial Intelligence in the classroom. At the core of his vision is the idea that AI will allow the best possible teaching skills to be wrapped up in programs that will interact with students, recognising expressions […]

Trouble at MAT?

Here’s a question. What’s the impact on a typical school of joining a multi academy trust? We all know the thinking behind them, a closer financial and management linkage would enable economies of scale and sharing of best practice. With all of the staff employed by the MAT they can move around to meet the […]

Working together works

It’s been a subject of long debate. How important is it to teach students how to work together. In the working world, collaboration is vital and huge amounts of money are spent on team building events and team working courses. At the end of the day though for a school, student’s work is judged on […]