Ruler: building teaching and learning around your users

In every school, primary or secondary, maintained or academy, the use of tools like those in Office 365 or in G Suite for Education is central to teaching and learning.

Every school must have a way to create, manage and remove users giving them access to email, documents and online storage. Staff and students join and leave all through the year and their data must be properly protected. Your users must match the official system, your MIS.

The role of Ruler

Ruler enables the data from a system like Capita SIMS to create and update users in Active Directory and then Office 365 and G Suite for Education. You can be sure that the users in your systems are accurate and up to date. This supports a key responsibility under the General Data Protection Regulation.

This integration creates opportunities to find efficiencies. A simple, but powerful, example is putting timetables into students’ Outlook or Google calendars.

Taking integration further

With Ruler and Office 365 you can:

  • Create a powerful hub to manage homework and assignments
  • Create collaborative spaces for students to work together
  • Organise and distribute learning resources
  • Engage parents by sharing information securely

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  • Ruler Connect

    Link your MIS to Office 365, Google for Education and Active Directory

    Email distribution lists

    Push timetables to Office 365 calendars

Ruler transforms Office 365 into tools for teaching and learning
Ruler Connect Link Office 365 AD and your MIS

Ruler Connect is an easy to use tool that manages:

The standard functions in ruler connect

A simple and practical interface instead of hidden scripts

Linking Office 365 and your MIS made easy with Ruler Connect

Installed on your network

No access outside the network means
you have total security

Easily see the status of each linkage

Regular updates provided free

Ruler Connect Plus dynamically links timetable information to the Outlook and Google Calendars

Push timetable to Office 365 calendars

Student timetables

Staff – teaching and non teaching time

School diaries

What our customers say

“By listening to what schools actually want, Ruler have created packages which do what they need to do, whilst allowing schools to just pay for what they need. This gives me the confidence that their professionalism and knowledge of the education sector will allow them to develop their product range to support our school in new and innovative ways”.

Wirral Grammar School for BoysJeremy Woodham

“Ruler Connect has been an affordable and effective solution to an unmanageable task. It has been a huge step forward enabling students and teachers to work together in exciting new ways. The Ruler team have been prompt and efficient – excellent customer service!”

Holmfirth High SchoolChris Langstaff

“Ruler has simplified the process of creating our students credentials using data from their SIM’s information into our Active Directory. Ruler’s support has always been excellent, offering remote support and guidance to ensure the system is working at its optimum”.

Epping St John’sSarah Madge

“Ruler Connect is an invaluable extraction tool for creating users and class groups from SIMS and integrating them into Office 365. It also populates users’ timetables and displays the School calendar from SIMS. The support team are also very helpful and are quick to help you. Highly recommended”.

The Pingle School, DerbyshireRay Humphrey
Ruler Classroom tranforming teaching and learning with Office 365

Ruler Classroom turns Office 365 into a hub for teaching and learning

Turn Office 365 into your new VLE with Ruler Classroom

Easy to use interface and it can be customised with your school colours

Ruler Classroom interface

Class structures built from your MIS

Securely hosted

Work and resources remain in your control

iOS and Android App for mobile access

Ruler Parent share information securely

Ruler Parent provides a secure space for parent engagement through Office 365

Improve parent engagement with Ruler Parent

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