Connect Office 365 and Capita SIMS


Office_365_Connect_Capita_SIMSRuler connects Microsoft Office 365 with Capita SIMS. By using the data that a school already has in their Management Information System “MIS” and automating this data with Microsoft Office 365, a school can significantly increase efficiency, accuracy and security.



Once synced with a school’s MIS, a number of the Office 365 modules can then be fully automated, including users, email distribution lists, calendar timetables, Office 365 groups and class structures.

Free sync with Microsoft’s School Data Sync “SDS”, automating Microsoft Classroom and OneNote Class Notebooks.



Office_365_Email_RulerEmail distribution lists will always be accurate, whether its to all teachers, all students, year groups or classes.


Ensure full transparency and save printing costs, by automatically displaying individual timetables for staff and students in their Office 365 calendar, as well as the school diary to staff.


Create and manage homework and assignments in Office 365 and instantly create and distribute Office documents.


Communicate with parents using an Office 365 Parent Portal and Mobile App, providing secure access to homework and student performance data.



Office 365 Groups

By linking to their MIS, schools can utilise the powerful collaboration tools of Office 365 Groups at class level, without worrying about user access and security.


OneNote Class Notebooks

Linking to an MIS allows instant creation of OneNote Class Notebooks using the school’s class structure, together with easy menu access.


Share Office 365 Resources

Maximise the use of Office 365 resources – post homework and class assignments into Office 365, link to OneDrive and SharePoint sites, distribute Office documents to student OneDrive’s and remotely review.

What our customers say

“By listening to what schools actually want, Ruler have created packages which do what they need to do, whilst allowing schools to just pay for what they need. This gives me the confidence that their professionalism and knowledge of the education sector will allow them to develop their product range to support our school in new and innovative ways”.

Wirral Grammar School for BoysJeremy Woodham

“Ruler Connect has been an affordable and effective solution to an unmanageable task. It has been a huge step forward enabling students and teachers to work together in exciting new ways. The Ruler team have been prompt and efficient – excellent customer service!”

Holmfirth High SchoolChris Langstaff

“Ruler has simplified the process of creating our students credentials using data from their SIM’s information into our Active Directory. Ruler’s support has always been excellent, offering remote support and guidance to ensure the system is working at its optimum”.

Epping St John’sSarah Madge

“Ruler Connect is an invaluable extraction tool for creating users and class groups from SIMS and integrating them into Office 365. It also populates users’ timetables and displays the School calendar from SIMS. The support team are also very helpful and are quick to help you. Highly recommended”.

The Pingle School, DerbyshireRay Humphrey



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